Logo Design / Branding

Treefort Lifestyles was created with the intention of making the little things in your everyday life better. The company aims to look at lifestyle products from a higher perspective, much like a treefort. Too often people accept things the way they are.
Treefort Lifestyles approaches products by redesigning features to function where existing products fall short.
If you have any questions: orders@treefortlifestyles.com – treefortlifestyles.com
Website design for Treefort Lifestyles
Logo design for Treefort Lifestyles
Label design for Treefort Lifestyles wallet
The Travelers Trunk in retail packaging | treefortlifestyles.com | @treefortlifestyles
Brand guide for Treefort Lifestyles
LTD Edition Treefort Lifestyles Co-lab with Caravan Skis
The Treefort Lifestyles logo has made it all over the globe
Digital illustration with 'Family Tree' members

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